Florenz (I), 24.–25.10.2019

Photo Archives VII: The Majority World

The archive has become an object of sustained historical and theoretical investigation in recent years. The anthropological turn in photographic criticism has opened up new directions for the analysis and understanding of photo archives that complement and dialogue with more traditional Art Historical approaches focused on photographs as images; it has helped direct this growing interest towards the materiality of the photograph as object, and its social and institutional lives that unfold very often within the archival ecosystem. At the same time, an ever-increasing number of scholars, artists and curators are addressing the neglected histories and practices of photography beyond the borders of Europe and Northamerica. This conference aims to build upon these developments and reorientations, and to attend to issues of critical importance for photo archives from the part of the world that Bangladeshi photographer Shahidul Alam has so aptly referred to as the "majority world." The conference will be the seventh in the series "Photo Archives," a series that helped over a number of years to establish an international network of photo archive scholars and archive professionals, and to stimulate a dialogue between academics and archivists.

Papers will engage with the historical, social, institutional and theoretical aspects of photo archives in conceptually and critically innovative ways, moving beyond primarily descriptive accounts of the evolution or contents of particular archives, or a restricted preoccupation with archiving technologies and procedures. Contributions will combine a focus on case studies with a broader theoretical and cultural scope, a diversity of critical approaches and disciplinary range. We hope the conference will provide a meeting place for a truly international community for individuals and institutions committed not only to a better understanding of photo archives, but to exploring their epistemological potentials and to developing international dialogues and strategies that can ensure sustainable and creative futures for these archives.

Florence, 24 – 25 October 2019


Thursday, 24 October 2019

9:00–9:15am Coffee & Registration

Opening & Welcoming Remarks
Shamoon Zamir, NYUAD
Costanza Caraffa, KHI
Shahidul Alam, Drik Picture Library & Pathshala South Asian Media Institute
10:30–10:45am Coffee Break
Chair: Shamoon Zamir, NYUAD

Changing Contexts, Challenging amnesia: Rosângela Rennó's Rio-Montevideo
Deborah Schultz, Regent's University

Escaping the Colonial Archive: The Itinerancy ofamadou Bamba's Portrait
Giulia Paoletti, University of Virginia       


Tour of Villa La Pietra (for speakers only)
Lunch, Villa Sassetti
PANEL II                       
Chair: Costanza Caraffa, KHI                       

One Migrant, Many Archives: The Japanese and Guatemalan Collections of the Photographic Work of Yasu Kohei/Juan José de Jesús Yas
Ping-Heng Chen, Heidelberg University

Gleaning in the Archives: A Transnational Approach to Imaging and Palestine
Sary Zananiri, Leiden University                

3:20–3:40pm Discussion              
Coffee Break     

Chair: Özge Calafato, NYUAD & University ofamsterdam
An International Collection of 1 Million Photographs: Diários Associados Rio de Janeiro  
Rodrigo Porto Bozzetti, Instituto Moreira Salles

The Master and His Assistant: New Insights from the Photographic Archives of the Pioneer Studios of Antonio Beato and Attaya Gaddis
Ibrahim A. Ali, The Grand Egyptian Museum

Decolonial 'Affordances' in the Digital Archive   
Jessica Holland, ACOR

Fridy, 25 October 2019

9:30–10:40a m               
PANEL IV                  
Chair: Issam Nassar, Illinois State University       
States of Emergency: Photographic Archives During and After Apartheid
Kylie Thomas, NIOD & University of the Free State

Photo Archiving, Monasticism, and Yogic Life at Sivananda Ashram (Rishikesh, India)
Liam Buckley, James Madison University
10:40–11:00am Coffee Break                               
Chair: Shamoon Zamir, NYUAD                 
Photography and the Archival Field at the Yıldız Palace (1876-1909)
Ahmet A. Ersoy, Boğaziçi University        
Deniz Türker, University of Cambridge   
Producing Knowledge of the Space in Nineteenth Century: The Golestan Palace Archive in Iran
Zeinab Azarbadegan, Columbia University           

12:10–2:00pm Lunch at Villa Sassetti      
PANEL VI                             
Chair: Joan M. Schwartz, Queen's University                      
Making the Private Public? Creating an Archive of Tamil Studio Photography
Zoé E. Headley, CNRS     
A Collection in Abu Dhabi: Vernacular Photography, Archive and Heritage Making            
Özge Calafato, NYUAD & University ofamsterdam                                           
Beyond the Photo Studio and the Living Room: Intersecting Archives, Collections and Documents in Cameroon
Jürg Schneider, University of Basel          

3:45–4:00pm Coffee Break                         
Round Table Discussion                
Closing Remarks                              
Costanza Caraffa, KHI                    
Shamoon Zamir, NYUAD

Organized by Akkasah, the Center for Photography at New York University Abu Dhabi, in collaboration with the Photothek of the Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz – Max-Planck-Institut
Please send an email to akkasah(at) specifying for which panel or day you wish to register. The seats are limited and registration will be on a first come first serve basis.
New York University Florence – Villa La Pietra
Via Bolognese 120
50139 Florence / Italy
Shamoon Zamir, NYU Abu Dhabi
Costanza Caraffa, Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz – Max-Planck-Institut

Advisory Panel
Özge Calafato (Amsterdam University & NYU Abu Dhabi)
Zeynep Devrim Gürsel (Rutgers University)
Rosalind Morris (Columbia University)
Issam Nassar (Illinois State University)

NYU Abu Dhabi
Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz – Max-Planck-Institut

Hosted by Villa La Pietra, NYU Florence

Quelle: KHI Florenz

Veranstaltungskalender (Anzahl 3)


Riehen/Basel (CH), 30.-31.10.2019

Hans Arp and Other Masters of 20th Century Sculpture

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Wien (A), 15.11.2019

Dürerzeitliche Wandmalerei im Wiener Stephansdom

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Florenz (I), 24.–25.10.2019

Photo Archives VII: The Majority World

The archive has become an object of sustained historical and theoretical investigation in [ ... ]

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Dortmund, 31.10.2019

STADT UNTER DRUCK! Klimawandel und kulturelles Erbe

Mit dem wachsenden Anspruch an Verdichtung und intensive Flächenausnutzung geraten unsere [ ... ]

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Bern, 28.–30.11.2019

2. Tagung des Fachforums Angewandte Künste

2. Tagung des Fachforums „Angewandte Künste – Schatzkunst, Interieur und Materielle Kultur“ [ ... ]

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Zittau, 08.–09.11.2019

Der Oybin und die Malerei der Romantik

Der Berg Oybin im Zittauer Gebirge ist ein exponierter und in seiner geologischen Gestalt [ ... ]

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Wien (A), 21.–23.11.2019

Hieronymus Boschs Weltgerichts-Triptychon in seiner Zeit

Das Weltgerichts-Triptychon von Hieronymus Bosch (um 1450/55–1516) gehört zu den [ ... ]

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Berlin, 15.10.2019

documenta. Geschichte / Kunst / Politik

Auf dem Symposium documenta. Geschichte / Kunst / Politik diskutieren renommierte [ ... ]

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Berlin, 06.–08.11.2019

26. Berliner EVA-Konferenz BASED ON TRUST

Die 26. Berliner EVA Konferenz lädt ein, zu diesen Themen aktuelle Positionen und praxisnahe [ ... ]

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Nürnberg, 05.–06.11.2019

Objekte im Netz

Die digitale Dokumentation von Objekten und die virtuelle Verfügbarkeit von [ ... ]

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Dresden, 06.–08.11.2019

Sammlungen an Kunsthochschulen

Die internationale Tagung „Sammlungen an Kunsthochschulen. Speichern und Vermitteln“ nimmt [ ... ]

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Bad Staffelstein, 17.–18.10.2019

Sammeln im Museum

Die Hanns-Seidel-Stiftung veranstaltet jährlich in Zusammenarbeit mit der KulturServiceStelle [ ... ]

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Sondershausen, 25–26.10.2019

Fürstliche Feste

Höfisches Feiern diente der Manifestation von Herrschaftsbeziehungen. Offizielle Feste waren [ ... ]

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Bonn, 08.11.2019 und 22.11.2019

Bild­rechte im Griff

Der eintägige Workshop „Bild­rechte im Griff“ des Verban­des Deutscher Kunst­historiker [ ... ]

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Bonn, 06.–07.12.2019

Gründerseminar STARTER – Existenz­grün­dung im Kultur­bereich

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Potsdam, 02.–06.03.2020

Ausstellungen konzipieren, organisieren, realisieren

Ausstellungen sind Medien der Repräsentation und der (Re-)Konstruktion von Kultur und [ ... ]

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Tübingen, ab WS 2016/17

Master-Profil „Mu­se­um & Samm­lungen“

Ab dem WS 2016/17 startet die Universität Tübingen einen neuen Studien­schwer­punkt: Bei der [ ... ]

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Marburg, ab WS 2014/15

Weiterbildungsmaster „Kulturelle Bildung an Schulen“

Der berufsbegleitende Weiterbildungsmaster „Kulturelle Bildung an Schulen“ ist eine [ ... ]

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Frankfurt (Oder), ab WS 2015/16

Masterstudiengang­ „Schutz Euro­päi­scher Kultur­güter“

Das berufsbegleitende Master­studium „Schutz Europäi­scher Kultur­güter” bietet die [ ... ]

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Kernfach-Master Kunst­ge­schich­te an der Uni­ver­sität Trier

Das Fach Kunstge­schich­te der Universität Trier bietet seit dem WS 2013 einen [ ... ]

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